Custom Bodywork And Car Restoration


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Custom Bodywork And Car Restoration

Car Restoration

Dentech’s Team of Professionals can repair minor car restoration works, repair damage due to accidents that compromise the safety and integrity of your car, and lastly major projects that involves upgrading the overall physical appearance of your car.

Truck Restoration

Truck Custom Body Work and Restoration in the Sunshine State, Florida, is what Dentech has been known for in the past years.

Collision Repair, Frame Alignment, Wirings, Detailed Restoration like it was freshly manufactured or Totally Different Look, our professional team here in Dentech can do it for you.

Classic Car Restoration

Classic Cars will never get old and will never get outdated, that’s for sure. Our team can restore the looks and feel of your Classic Car back to date it was born. We have been doing Classic Car Restoration for a decade now, so you can rely on our expertise and craftmanship in handling your beloved classy property. 

Sports Car Restoration

Our team also cater Sports Car Restoration, name any Sports Car Brand in your mind right now, if you have it and want to restore it? 

We can definitely do it!

From Minor Collision Repair to Full Body Replacement or Restoration Dentech Team of Pro’s can make your Sporty Collection admired by Sports Car Fanatics even more.

Our goal is to improve the appearance and value of your vehicle while saving you time and money. We can take any old and worn down vehicle and restore it back to it’s original glory.