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Fast Affordable Paint

Fast Affordable Paint

Dentech, the leading innovator of fast, affordable and quality car paint in Fort Myers Florida considers car painting as an art rather than just another mechanical work.

“Paint Job” as what people in the industry typically call it is not a one-step process, it is in fact a meticulous one. Our team of experts follows a framework that is tested by our clients who are more than willing to give us 5 stars reviews.

So here’s Dentech’s way of Painting your car on the canvass:

Car Paint Preparation

At the stage the vehicle is taken to our paint department.

All surfaces that were repaired are sanded to proper smoothness then sprayed with primer.

Parts that were replaced sometimes require primer as well.

After primer is complete, the areas are sanded again and checked for a smooth surface.

The step before masking is referred to as wet-sanding”. This is when the technician uses very fine sandpaper soaked in water to give the perfect finish prior to paint.

The final step in the paint preparation is called “masking”. This is when all areas where paint should not be applied are masked off to be kept clean.

Preliminary Quality Inspection

After paint preparation, all surfaces are checked again by our production manager for a perfect surface prior to a base paint coat.

Dentech’s main goal is to protect your car from rust, our 2nd goal is to make your car stunning, with that being said, our managers need to make sure all is setup before the car paint process.

Painting the Car

One of the most crucial aspects of the repair process is a color match. We have state-of-the-art equipment to make this process fast and ensure an accurate paint color match. After we have achieved the correct variance for color, the vehicle is moved to the heated paint booth.

When the paint is applied in the paint booth it prevents cross-contamination from particles in the air and gives the perfect temperature to promote adhesion.


Final Quality Inspection

Once all coats of paint have been applied, the surface is checked for imperfections in the paint.

Here, you can easily notice if the job is made by a professional or a guy next-door with an open garage and equipped with You-tube knowledge.

Finishing the paint doesn’t mean we are done, we must ensure that you receive the highest quality of car paint service that you deserve.